Stichting Afrikaanse Albino’s heeft ongeveer 40 (onbetaalde) vrijwilligers en heeft als doel om mensen met albinisme in Afrika te helpen. De stichting heeft een organisatorische structuur met een bestuur bestaande uit 3 bestuursleden, 3 primaire processen en 3 ondersteunende processen.
Iedere proces heeft een proces-eigenaar.


Zie hierbij het SAA-team.

The board consists of the chairman, Colette van Buchem, treasurer, Maaike Vanderschuren and secretary Julia Klapwijk. The board does not receive any remuneration for their activities while in function.

Colette van Buchem – Chairman

Colette has been working at our foundation as a process coordinator for collecting sunburn since 2016 and since January 2018 she became the chairman of the foundation. She took over from Alma Moekotte. She lives in Utrecht and is in her final year of Medicine. She expects to continue in Ophthalmology after completing her studies.
Her greatest passion is traveling and discovering new cultures. That is how she came up with the idea to work for minority groups. When she was sixteen years old she traveled all alone to the south of India to do medical volunteer work out there. She also did this in Tanzania two years later. Partly because of her foreign experiences and medical background she has been inspired to work for African people with Albinism.

Eline van Lummel – Treasurer

Eline has been involved with Stichting Afrikaanse Albinos since mid-2018 and officially took over this task from Maaike on October 2018. Eline lives in Utrecht and has just started working as a medical doctor on an Intensive Care.
Eline likes to dedicate herself to others in her free time and this fits perfectly to the vision of the foundation.
It is incredibly fun and motivating to be able to put effort together with all volunteers in Africa: provide sunscreen to the people with albinism in Africa.

Julia Klapwijk – Secretary

Julia has been the secretary of the African Albino Foundation since late 2016. She is a medical student in the fifth year of her study, and would like to work as a tropical doctor after her studies. One of her main hobbies is traveling to (unknown) countries to get know the people and culture by working out there, to live with host families and to learn their languages.
Julia has been in Central and South America several times, and in 2016 she went to Tanzania for her internship, where she also visited several projects of the Foundation. After hearing the life stories of some albinos and seeing their skin problems, she was extra motivated to get started as a secretary and help them by working for the Foundation.